Bathroom Remodeling Northern Virginia

remodeled bathroomBathroom Remodeling: If you are looking to remodel your bathroom in Northern VA and need help making your bathroom remodel look as elegant as you can imagine without having to spend a ridiculous amount. FS Construction Will help you improve your Bathroom in Northern Virginia, and help you cut cost and make essential decisions on your design. Often times for high end bathrooms and expensive homes, clients hire assistant from a private designer that will help the client choose material products and specification on flooring design and paint schemes leaving the client with an expansive list of material choices and brand names without truly knowing the final cost. With FS Construction our clients will receive free designs and more importantly free consultation on various material products available in the market to fit their design needs, such product will not have to cost the client the market price, All our clients will receive a discounted price on their products because we will get discounted contractor prices on all the material you will choose to make your bathroom a place of comfort. Our designs are yours to keep and our proposals and measurements  are free and they are done at the convenience of your home. LET US MAKE YOUR NORTHERN VIRGINIA BATHROOM THE MOST COMFORTABLE AND BEAUTIFUL BATHROOM YOU CAN IMAGINE.   Northern Virginia bathroom flooring is not limited to removing and replacing the tiles, most bathrooms need replacement of the subfloor with Ceramic Tile BackerBoard, to prevent ceramic from cracking. Whether mosaic, ceramic, or marble design flooring our team of design consultants will help you choose the best design to make your bathroom floor a one of a kind design that best suits your style. All our flooring designs include floor moulding trims and a quarter round trim on top of the new trim.   Northern Virginia bathroom fixtures to remove and replace bathroom fixtures in your northern Virginia Bathroom, Plumbing or Electrical fixtures you need help choosing the right name and design for your bathroom. Most bathroom fixture replacement are inexpensive, we start by evaluating the bathroom design and all locations of the fixtures, most fixtures do not need to be relocated, however, if we need to relocate the plumbing or electrical in your bathroom we start by removing the fixtures, vanity sinks for example will need the water lines and drainage relocated, a task that we are capable of handling. Electrical fixtures relocation will start by removing the old fixture and wording, most relocations of fixtures will not need the relocation of existing switch, whichever process we have to utilize, we almost always change the wiring and light switch to insure longevity the light fixture.   Northern Virginia Shower Remodeling is a simple process that consists of three essential milestones; demolition of the existing shower, framing of shower pan, drywall & flooring and wall tiles. The demolition phase includes removing all the shower tiles, removing the old drywall, and removing the shower-head and handles, we then frame the new shower pan and if included in the design we frame a custom bench with plywood finish. Our framing will finish with a shower pan to waterproof our lumber frame. We then frame the new wall surfaces with moisture resistance drywall. We finish the shower with new design that could include all ceramic designs, mosaic finish or whichever tile designs we agree on prior to contract signing. The water distribution in the shower is an important decision, be it a regular shower head or ,multiple heads, our shower system designs are not limited to a regular shower-head, we can also provide powerful water jets at any angle in the shower creating a modern shower with a turn of a handle. We help you choose the best shower door out of our vast selection of shower doors to best fit the design concept to your new shower.   Northern Virginia Tub replacement is important, and you do not have to limit yourself to the typical tub that you can find in most boring bathrooms, our array tubs such as whirlpool, cast iron, walk in, freestanding, acrylic, and all types of soaking tubs will put a spark to your bathroom that you may have been looking for. Our replacement could include wall to ceiling tiles, and high quality shower doors.   Northern Virginia Bathroom paint, includes compound on all damaged or uneven wall and ceiling surfaces and sanding, we than prime the wall area and prep for paint, we finish using a high moisture resistant paint to protect wall surfaces. All wooden and trim areas are primed and painted with high gloss wood paint.

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